Interview and photos by Steven Lyon

Hallie Hart, what can I fuckin say… hmmm…. she sure doesn’t look like a typical painter, at least not the ones I’ve seen in history, like Jackson Pollock or Robert Motherwell, or even Lee Krasner, nope Miss Hart is as sexy as a the sirens from the Hollywood movies. I met Hallie in Paris in 2005 at a swank hotel bar where she had just shredded some guys poor fuckin heart, she was sipping on a dirty martini flirting with a bartender, there was a bright light of energy around her and I couldn’t help but grin, this woman is fuckin on. I asked her if she was American and the rest was history, we laugh about that night still and no I’m not sharing the rest of that story, damn I know how to keep a secret, fast forward to now.

Hallie requested that we meet on a Saturday afternoon in early December 2019, she oddly asked that we meet in her hotel room at the Chateau Marmont, she said she wasn’t into people this week, weird but hey artist’s can be anti-social as we all know.

I approached her room and loud cries of what appeared to be live music resonated in the hall, but that couldn’t be or could it? I knocked pretty hard and Hallie opened her hotel door wide with all of her beautiful teeth and eyes beaming at me wearing just a little white see through tank and boy shorts. I thought this hot babe has to be high, but minutes later I realized my friend of over 15 years was just released from her demons of darkness. Hallie later explained her removed status from everyday life for days or weeks at a time, finding her way back from living in the shit, the art studio and back into what people consider normal society was a really hard thing to do. Hallie jumped into my arms and started yelling Steven Lyon over and over again, that felt good that my friend still acts like a kid when she sees me.

 Hallie invited me into her room where there was what appeared to be a 26-29 year old dude with a guitar and no shirt on, I said hey man while laughing, what else could I say or do? Hallie asked her friend to go have a bite downstairs… he smiled a silly fuckin grin and kissed her hard on the mouth as he exited. Hallie laughed and tapped him on the ass as he walked out, she turned to me and said “what Steven, men can date younger, but women can’t! ” I said to Hallie, “you know this is going in the article Mrs. Robinson”, she laughed and said “I kinda figured that Lyon, wouldn’t have it any other way.”

 Hallie poured herself a Clase Azul tequila on the rocks and offered me one, I declined at first, but it’s kinda hard to say no to her, she doesn’t actually ask. We spoke about her and other female artists out there, she undeniable refers to herself as MDFF, oh this is her made up thing; “Modern Day Fuckin Feminist”. We spoke about life, love, work and of course sex, look I’ve known her forever. I’ve come to the conclusion that my friend Hallie Hart is going down in history, she has some serious balls, no fear at all and passion that takes up an entire room, she rants like an old Jewish Rabbi about her work, more than anything above all loves what she does, it’s really fuckin cool to see her bounce around a room like a rocket. I admire the fact that this fellow artist paints like she is in a trance with just her hands and a catwalk on the floor.. does it to wicked music, that she is an equal rights person and that she never ever fuckin apologizes for having a good time. Hallie works really god damn hard, I know this cause I’ve watched her over the years, but she plays like a fuckin kid and we need to be kids, shit is hard enough out there… isn’t it?

 I parted with another fine memory of my old friend and a huge smile from laughing so hard, I can skip my ab work out today because of this woman. I would highly recommend meeting this fuckin crazy, beautiful lady and checking out her art, she is one to be followed in history, I don’t doubt her for a second. If Peter Pan had a sister, her name would be fine ass Hallie Hart.

 I couldn’t leave without getting her reaction to a couple of questions, after all I think this was supposed to be a q & a. I said to Hallie as I stood up from the leather chair that the tequila made me sink into.

LYON: Hal, could you do anything else besides art if you had no choice?

HART: Lyon, I am not sure I have any skills besides kissing, so I guess I could open a booth.

LYON: How would you define or describe yourself in the world?

HART: I myself am an artist; true blue, but I’m also my own muse, I am inspired by the world and I too am inspired by my life and freedom that I have created, I get so much joy from watching my self and creating my world. I’m an artist and… I am… a muse.

  I left with such satisfaction from the lack of fuckin fear that she has, we should all take a page from that woman’s book and let our hair down, enjoy the ride and process, she makes it seem so easy, but hey maybe it fuckin is… we just make it so god damn hard.
Cheers…Lyon out!

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